16 February 2012

Bunch 'o new stuffs

Let us go to the cave of monsters?

Chris Sanders-ish mermaid

Batman is not amused

Flava flav alpaca?

Experimenting with colours

More colour experimentation

03 February 2012

February already?!

Here's a bunch of stuff I've done since the last post. I'd recommend checking out my Tumblr if you want more frequent updates (plus other stuff that doesn't make it here). I seem to post there more often for some reason, not sure why!

 Collaboration with Robaato

Su Wu from Kung Fu Panda - Secrets of the Masters

'Closet Monster' card (parody of Sully from Monsters Inc.) for Jak & Poi iPhone game

Space Alpaca, beware of them re-entering the Earth's atmosphere!