25 August 2011

Get Bent

Futurama is this week's theme over at the Super Sketch Squad blog. I had a bit of trouble deciding between Bender and Dr.Zoidberg, but in the end the chauvinistic robot won.

23 August 2011


Regular Show fan art, just for fun.

17 August 2011


This week's Super Sketch Squad theme was Avatar, so I resisted turning myself into a Na'vi (wasn't hard) and painted Pandora instead.

11 August 2011

Super Mario World

Done for the Super Sketch Squad "Super Mario World" theme

08 August 2011


This was originally going to be Cat Woman, but then I decided to make it Bat Girl. If it looks like a mixture of the two, that'll be why!

06 August 2011

Shark Week

It's Shark Week, so apparently I have to draw a shark. Why can't it be Alpaca Week? There should totally be an Alpaca Week.

04 August 2011


Ahsoka, done for this weeks Super Sketch Squad Wednesday post!