30 May 2011

Sea Rocks

Wanted to practice painting some interesting rock formations and also try out a more cartoony rendering method. The kung-fu Panda 2 artbook I got this weekend might have had something to do with it, too.

Done in Photoshop CS5

26 May 2011

Carrot Trap

You probably shouldn't take carrots that are dangling on a piece of cord in the middle of the forest. This is sound life advice I think!

20 May 2011

Photo study

She's on her way to my birthday party and she's going to entertain everyone by climbing through her own ear lobe! Done in Photoshop CS5 in about 1.5 hours

19 May 2011

Late night speed paint

And now... I sleep!

17 May 2011

Bedtime sketch

Quick sketchy painting done before bed!

09 May 2011


Don't lie, I know you secretly watch it!

05 May 2011

More sketches

Some more sketches! Hopefully I can get some more painted stuff done soon, but in the mean time I hope you enjoy these :)

(Skeletor and Scootaloo are totally best friends just in case you didn't know)

01 May 2011


Figured I'd post some sketches from a while ago. These are all digital, I just like making it look like they're on paper ;D