30 April 2011

Painting process - Rarity

Rarity painting process from SketchyFun on Vimeo.

I've uploaded the painting process from my last picture. It's not as clear as I would have hoped, but I'm still figuring out the best settings for recording and processing this stuff. Hopefully it's helpful/interesting for some of you :)

28 April 2011


I don't think anyone could have predicted this shows popularity, maybe with little girls, but with males my age? That's just crazy talk! Well apparently half the internet has caught the bug and that includes me. I'm sorry, it's too late for me. Save yourselves!

24 April 2011

Ghost Train

Ever wondered what's under the ghost's multi-coloured cloths?

Here's a 1680 x 1050 desktop version if anyone wants it: [Link]

Oh, and a T-shirt version if anyone wants to wear it: [Link]

Out on the Town

A bit of fanart for fun :D

23 April 2011


Man, I need something that will post to all my websites at once, that'd be awesome..
Anyways, here's something I painted up tonight from a little sketch I did a while ago. It's probably best you give him all your crackers, otherwise you might lose an eye..

13 April 2011

Second Invasion

Looks like something new has just arrived…

11 April 2011

A Mini Falafel Adventure

This is a gift done for my friend who's currently living in Japan. He's sent me a bunch of cool things from Japan before, but recently he was able to source me this awesome Alpaca figurine (I swear I'm not obsessed..) [link] which is only available over there. In return he asked if I could draw one of the characters from his game "A Mini Falafel Adventure".

I figured I'd go one step further and paint the whole cast, but do it in such a way so that it looked like one of those posters you'd sometimes get free with old games.

If anyone wants to play the game, it's available here - [link]

It's a very small game at only 1mb, and only takes about 5 mins to complete, but it's pretty cool none the less!

06 April 2011

Something that didn't work out, but I figured I'd post it anyways

04 April 2011

Lord Alpacington the Third

"Daddy gave me this land!"

Link Exchange

I don't know how many of you out there have an art blog, but if you do and you'd like to exchange links, hit me up in the comments and we can get exchangin'!

03 April 2011

First Easter

He has no idea what's going on, but I'm sure he'll be happy once he finds out it's made of chocolate. Thats unless of course, it's a kinder egg, in which case he'll be the most disappointed he's ever been.