29 March 2011


Quick sketch from this evening. Done in Sketchbook Pro.

28 March 2011


I now have a Tumblr account, won't you follow me? :D

My goodness.. I'm turning into some kind of social networking whore!

25 March 2011


Your eyes do not deceive you, this is indeed the third post this month! That might possibly be a record for me, but I'm not sure.

I hope you like this random girl I painted, despite the accident-with-a-power-drill hair style she has going on.

23 March 2011

Ms. Emmylou

Whoops, completely forgot to upload this one! I'll forgive you if you don't recognize this character as she is from an obscure 80's cartoon named Kissyfur. Not the best title for a cartoon, but I recall enjoying the show as a kid.

What am I watching these days? My Little Pony (friendship is magic), and I will not apologize for that. It is awesome and I have half the internet to back me up !!

*muscle flex*

13 March 2011


Brutal Legend fan art, because it's an awesome game.